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Based on statistics, Iran was ranked as the 6th among all the apple producers in the world and the 2nd place in the middle east. There are over 10 variety of apple is being produced in Iran but only 4 major types of apple are being exported because of vast production. Red Delicious apple, Golden Apple (AKA Yellow Delicious), Granny Smith apple and Gala apple the types which conclude the most amount of Iran’s Apple production. Referring to Iran’s ministry of agriculture report Iran roduced around 3 million tons of apple every year.

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Red Delicious

Golden Delicious

Granny Smith


About Akam T P

Akam Tejarat Partak is a privately owned Iranian company active in manufacturing, cultivating, processing, and exporting of fresh fruits, dried fruits, and herbs. Our knowledge and capability are based on long term experience which you can trust. We consider quality, reliability, innovation, and flexibility as a basis for successful and close cooperation with our partners and customers.

In the sector of the fresh fruit, we are mainly active in Bell peppers, Kiwi, and Apple. For bell peppers, we have a specific and modern greenhouse in which plantation and cultivation are done directly by ourselves. In the apple and kiwi sector, we have long term contracts with farmers, whom we support and consult with. This close contact enables the complete traceability of the products from cultivation to delivery.

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